Monday, July 20, 2009

Cheeks Not So Extra Large

Earlier today I had an 'aww' moment with my little sister. Well, perhaps not so much with as because of her. I don't think she even realized it'd been a tender moment. But that's not really the case. I was about to jump into the shower when I realized I'd forgotten to bring in my hairbursh. No, I don't shower with my hairbrush but I do brush my hair pre-shower. It helps with the tangles. Try it; you'll thank me.

Anyway, Small Fry brings me the brush and as I'm grabbing it through the crack of the door I say 'thanks a bunch kid!' Small Fry (who is actually 20 and quite a young lady) does her cute 'wink-side head nod thing. It sounds awkward but it's this really cute thing she's been doing since she was 4. Or 5. She was young. So her little wink-nod thing is adorable. She'll wink gracefully with her left eye, simultaneously tilts her head to the left and smile all along. It's actually a very swift motion; lasts about a second. She's been doing this for years but less and less as she gets older. It made me a say an internal 'aww' because it reminds me so much of her days of accomplishing 'big girl' things or saying she was feeling better (even though she had tubes coming out of her nose and was laying on her hospital bed) or collaborating with me on a small white lie to my mom. Always the same cute face with extra-large cheeks and poofy, frizzy, ridiculously curly hair.

When she did it today I saw how different her face is and how much she's really grown up. I know, I know growing up is what's supposed to happen but this was a quick, in-your-face reminder. She was still cute and her little gesture was still precocious but her cheeks aren't extra-large anymore and her hair isn't so poofy or frizzy anymore. It's been straightened and has side-swept bangs. I've seen all of these changes happen and I've seen her grow up (sometimes painfully; more so for me, my mom and other sister) and it's still floors me. Is this what having kids is like? No wonder mom's cry at the smallest, sometimes stupidest, things!

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